Call of the Wild and Inspiro’s innovative approach to management apprenticeship delivery


Inspiro and Call of the Wild have partnered together to deliver unique and innovative leadership and management apprenticeship programmes to businesses and apprentices.

Call of the Wild offers professional leadership and management development programmes to businesses and organisations across the UK. Their expertise lies in delivering bespoke courses that develop individual’s skills and behaviours to create positive changes within the workplace. Call of the Wild have worked with a wide range of clients, from a diverse range of industries, to develop their leaders and the teams they lead; perfectly positioning them as one of the best and inventive providers in the UK.

The partnership combines the strengths and expertise of both Inspiro and Call of the Wild, with us jointly building bespoke offerings for clients that reflect their ambitions and core values. Typically, Inspiro deliver the occupational and core skills components of each apprenticeship, providing dedicated training for every aspect of the programme; whilst Call of the Wild deliver unique elements of the apprenticeship that focus on an action based approach, through experiential learning, characterised by the use of a wide variety of physical, creative, intellectual and reflective activities.

As an example, we created a leadership programme for a major UK retailer where each apprentice benefits from attendance on a ‘Call of the Wild’ outward bound programme. The programme is a three day residential, and is predominately based in the beautiful Brecon Beacons. Residential programme content is mapped into the respective apprenticeship delivery model, supporting employees to embed the behaviours and skills that are essential in developing themselves and their teams.

The programme offers some pretty unique experiences, with activities including more than the standard outward bound experience. Apprentices participate in a structured programme of adventure and challenge, allowing them to explore and develop the personal and team skills required by one of the UK’s best recognised retailers. Once they have completed the activities, they return to store, where they can put their newly developed skills into practice.

Adapting to Covid-19

In response to social distancing measures Insprio and Call of the Wild’s partnership has moved to a fully online delivery model.

Learners are able to access Inspiro’s innovative Learning Management systems, e-learning platforms (which host tailored resources), and join online classrooms via our virtual training platforms; Microsoft Teams and WebEx. All of which, is underpinned by our flexible delivery models that allow adjustments to the apprenticeships components/timescales, whilst ensuring a logical module progression that builds on apprentices’ knowledge and skills.

With learners not being able to visit Wales, Call of the Wild have designed a virtual/online programme that, whilst different to a residential in Wales, still offers an interactive, informative and enjoyable experience. The virtual course covers the same content as the residential and focus’ on building relationships with colleagues, giving feedback, coaching skills, Emotional Intelligence, leadership, taking responsibility and much more.

There are lots of different activities which apprentices participate in from completing tasks and problem solving, to masterclasses on particular aspects of leading and managing.

Many of the tasks and exercises are usually performed in the Brecon Beacons, but have been adapted to be delivered remotely. For example, The Behind Enemy Lines exercise has been re-created including an interactive video caving trip. This exercise provides the opportunity to practise leading a team, with the decisions taken by learners having positive and negative consequences; mimicking real-life scenarios.

This innovative approach to adapting course activities is a testament to Call of the Wild’s and Inspiro’s flexible approach; ensuring learning and development continues during these challenging time and our solutions reflect the needs of businesses.


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