News / We’re doing our bit for the environment #OnlyOneEarth

Driven by our purpose to create a safe and secure world together, Babcock are on a mission to be kind to the planet by protecting and enhancing our environment. In recognition of World Environment Day on 5th June and inspired by this year’s campaign #OnlyOneEarth, throughout this month we’ve been encouraging people to take action in support of our mission to be kind to the environment.

Luke Tattersall, our Group Head of Environment says, “Everybody can play a part to reduce the impact of our operations and be kind to the environment. We should all watch out for potential hazards and challenge inefficiencies. Collaborate with colleagues to identify opportunities that will better protect and enhance the local environment.”


Here are some of the measures we’re taking:

Increased Recycling
Our employees are committed to recycling more items and more frequently. This helps lower the carbon footprint by feeding materials back into circulation to be re-used and makes us less reliant on new products. One staff member has reduced the amount of bottled water that he buys when travelling given the issues of non-recyclable plastic and now opts for canned water due to the ease of recycling.

Less Waste
Reducing waste and particularly food waste is a challenge for individuals and food outlets. Our staff are planning their meals more carefully and shopping more efficiently for both environmental and financial reasons. A team member has found an app called ‘Too Good To Go’ which helps businesses reduce food waste and provides low-cost food for people. It finds shops in your area which are selling ‘Magic Bags.’ These contain food products that are close to their sell by date, cannot be sold by the store and would normally get thrown away.

Meeting Clients Virtually
This solution enables our staff and the employers we work with to reduce their carbon footprint and helps to tackle the increasing threat to our planet. 80% of our client meetings (monthly reviews) now take place on Microsoft Teams, thus cutting out unnecessary travel. This drastic reduction in car journeys means quieter roads, less fuel and reduced air pollution via carbon emissions.

Reduced Printing
Far fewer face-to-face meetings and a shift towards digital provision has resulted in reduced paperwork and deforestation. Very few documents are now being printed for client meetings and the majority of paperwork is sent digitally to reduce printing costs and energy usage.

Working From Home
No commuting (or very little) is the major benefit of this initiative, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint as mentioned above. Saving the need to heat, cool, or light office buildings is also a positive step in terms of saving energy. Furthermore, no waste products are generated.

Electric Vehicle Salary Sacrifice Scheme
Electric vehicles have significant emissions benefits over conventional vehicles and are therefore better for the environment. They have no tailpipe, so they do not emit any exhaust gases, which reduces local air pollution, particularly in congested cities. The launch of this environmentally friendly scheme, that offers an alternative to standard cars, means that all of our eligible UK employees will be able to access Benefit in Kind tax saving when leasing a new vehicle.

At Babcock, we are taking a company-wide, proactive stance to understand and improve our environmental performance and we will always strive to make further improvements in this area.