How we work

Our apprenticeship delivery approach


We recognise that today’s constantly changing world presents skills challenges to all businesses, and we can deliver the know-how, capabilities and services to meet your training and development needs.


Our in-house programme and curriculum design team is responsible for all aspects of curriculum development. This team focusses on the ongoing development of technology solutions and resources to ensure we remain at the leading edge of delivery techniques.

Our approach to curriculum design enables us to incorporate existing learning resources into each programme, creating a unique and brand led solution for each customer. Our approach reduces duplication and allows for the integration of apprenticeships with existing workforce development solutions. This flexibility enables us to tailor the programme to meet each customer’s needs with each apprentice developing the skills and passion to progress in their career.


Ongoing investments in technology reflect our commitment to excellence, offering responsive and tailored solutions for both apprentices and employers.  

Our Learning Management System is central to our apprenticeship delivery model, hosting motivational and engaging learning resources that allow for bite sized learning to meet the needs of every learner. 

With a flexible approach to blended learning at the heart of our solutions, the integration of our LMS to our MI reporting systems means we can report on every aspect of learning progress.

These technology solutions put employers at the heart of programme management and take Management Information to the next level.


Babcock strives to deliver engaging and compelling programmes to every learner, boosting their engagement and retention throughout the programme. Our high quality apprenticeship training is underpinned by extensive personal support and pastoral care to ensure every learner has the best possible experience.

All learners are allocated a Babcock trainer to support them throughout their programme of learning. We find this approach extremely beneficial to learners and employers, allowing for an effective working relationship that provides high levels of support to learners of all abilities.

Dedicated internal quality assurers provide a comprehensive network of support to ensure quality, consistency and continuous improvement throughout the UK.


As a key feature of our account management services, we routinely support levy paying employers to manage and monitor their Levy fund.

Since the Levy was introduced in May 2017, we have supported a diverse range of customers to maximise the reach of their levy funds, helping them to plan for emerging business changes and future workforce needs.

Our levy forecasting tool and suite of management information offers our customers an intelligent response to planning and tracking programme performance.  

With the support of our account managers we can help levy paying customers maximise the impact of their apprenticeship investments across their organisations.

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