News / Assisting Additional Needs

Babcock do everything possible to provide support for learners with additional needs. Extra sessions are put in place for apprentices who struggle to understand any elements of their course, whilst further Functional Skills sessions are offered if this has been indicated as a requirement at the start of the programme. We target mental health within optional Lifeskills modules, whilst our apprenticeships offer tailored support to cover learning needs and cater for medical conditions.

One such Early Years Level 3 apprentice who benefits from our approach is Ryan Hambrook, who started his employment at an Early Years Care setting at the beginning of this year.

  • Mental health difficulties
  • Asperges syndrome
  • Autism spectrum syndrome
  • Severe executive dysfunction
  • Chronic lower body pain

Given the above, Amy Clark, who works for Babcock and is Ryan’s trainer, has put a number of measures in place to improve Ryan’s learning experience and to enable him to succeed. She visits him face-to-face for an hour, and on a weekly basis, rather than the typical monthly meeting. Amy has weekly catch ups with Ryan’s line manager to help Ryan to find information. Working collaboratively with his line manager also ensures Ryan undertakes tasks to enhance his current knowledge level for his apprenticeship and the daily work he is completing.

Splitting Ryan’s workload into smaller, more manageable chunks helps to lower his stress level, whilst breaking down complex questions by using simpler vocabulary makes tasks much easier. Ryan has a note pad with guidance on the total duration each task should take to help with time management. He benefits from more preparation time for observations and planning is done jointly with Amy to ensure he is prepared. The use of videos instead of written work aids understanding, as does putting information into real life situations.

Ryan reflects on his apprenticeship experience, “As a neurodivergent person and someone diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum, I have felt incredibly supported by Babcock and my trainer Amy and feel like I have had my needs met extremely well. There have been reasonable adjustments made and issues from my end have been worked around by Amy that have really helped me keep up and excel in the course. I have been treated with nothing but respect and understanding regarding my needs and never felt judged or like anything I needed was an issue, unlike some experiences I have had in the past.”

Overall, Amy supports Ryan through the programme in every way possible. Her caring, adaptable and professional approach ensures he has the tools to access the learning content and use it effectively within his role.

At Babcock, we look forward to hearing about Ryan’s future achievements and will continue to support all apprentices, with a particular focus on those individuals with additional needs.